Solar Pump Controller

Solar Pump Controller

Solar Pump Controller is specifically designed to replace the diesel generator or conventional electric energy for water pump. Ideal for both remote and urban applications, the Solar Pump Controller can be used for monoblock as well as submersible pump. Our Solar Pump Controller is weather resistant and maintains the water delivery speed owing to its MPPT technology and microprocessor programmed motion sensors. Also, the Solar Pump Controller is effective in maintaining the water delivery and overcoming the water hammering possibilities when irradiation levels changes rapidly.



1 to 50 Hp

Output current

3 to 50 A

Output voltage

440 VAC 3 Phase

Monitoring system

Alert massage system

Motor type

Asynchronous and synchronous motor


Maximum power point tracking

Dual input

Solar and Grid

Where to use

Existing water pumps, oil industires, agriculture lands, buildings and bungalows