PG Solar System was founded in 2012 at Mumbai. Since then we have been successfully manufacturing solar cells, solar street lights, water heater, solar home lighting system, solar power plant and also providing innovative and high quality solutions in 3 phase solar pump controller as well as Grid Tracking Systems. We also design customized Solar Power plant for factory and offices.

In a short span of just one year we have earned the goodwill from our customers not only by providing them a cost effective and efficient product but also by providing a highest quality service and support. We have installed solar street light in the villages and factories, Solar pump controllers to gain maximum water supply in to work fields even in the low sunlight and foggy weather. We have installed home lighting system by Solar PCU which converts the existing Inverter or UPS in to use the solar energy system.

Mission and Vision :
PG Solar System is inspired from Late Mr. Priyo Gopal Roy whose vision was very clear about the renewable energy sources and its value to mankind and his innovative thinking is further continued and improvised by his son Mr. Debdulal Roy, the founder of the company.

With effective and innovative Green technology, we promise to deliver the affordable solar solutions to our customers to encourage and support the “Go – Green” thinking. Our R&D team is highly dedicated and continuously striving their research work to maximize (add something) thereby improving the resource utilization.

It is our mission to reach every place and plant the renewable energy solutions to ease the life of a common man by eliminating environmental damages; also we aim to reach the remote corner of the country to light up the life of a common man.